High performance instead
of high pressure

Female Time-Management enables the connection that guarantees success:

The right mindset meets a conscious body set.



The female power lies in
her natural flow

 A woman in her true power is never steady or rigid. She is the moving, floating, and cycling force in daily life. The moment she tries to achieve the same performance every day, she loses her strength, power, and beauty.

Female Time Management. Weiblicher Zyklus im Busniness. Anna Nussbaumer. Pure Successful Business

Female Time-Management.


We always expect the same performance of ourselves – day in, day out. Yet on some days, we feel strong, clear, and, full of energy when on other days we are tired, unfocused, and not satisfied with the results of our efforts.

Is this pure coincidence? Or is there a rhythm to be found? 

Female leadership is a tool for women who are ready to revolutionize their business.

  • Female Time-Management a tool that not only makes everyday work much more efficient but above all results in an effortless increase in performance.

  • Female Time-Management creates the flow of innovation, creativity, inspiration, and, productivity that is needed to combine well-being and success.

  • The knowledge of biochemical processes that repeat themselves exactly and reliably in a woman's body is the basis of productive and confident work performance at the highest level, even during destructive days.

Female Time-Management enables the connection that guarantees success: the right mindset meets a conscious body set.


Female Time Management. Anna Nussbaumer. Pure Successful Business

For companies

Female Time-Management trains strong, crisis-proof females. An innovative way of thinking that enables new perspectives for both company leaders and employees to act quickly with confidence, agility, and grace in all challenging situations.

Taking new, unknown paths requires courage, creativity, and self-confidence. You need the communication that allows us to trust our decisions and be brave enough to take unconventional paths. The prerequisite for this is knowing you have personal strengths and inherent power that lies in an unimagined place within women and is a previously unknown riddle for most.

Female Time-Management provides the solution and tools that enable immediate implementation.


Weibliches Zyklus im Business. Female Time Management. Anna Nussbaumer. Pure Successful Business

For women

Are you ready for a revolution?

Most women do not utilize their full potential of power in life simply because they do not know exactly how to tap into it or how much more of it actually exists.


Women can be far more successful than they already are. Not by doing more than they already do, but by doing the right thing at the right time – this is the power of Female Time-Management. Anna shows women in her program THE PURE WOMAN how to unlock their power, their strength, and their creative power with an innovative approach.

Female Time Management. Anna Nussbaumer. Pure Successful Business



Empowering women and female leadership is the cornerstone of Anna’s speeches through the sharing of both tools and strategies to help every woman. Are you looking for a speaker who inspires your audience and helps people to improve their lives through shared insights and visions?

Anna will take your audience into individually designed environments – whether it is a small group, a business unit, or a conference on a journey to share her wisdom and expertise. Her speeches include topics such as the female cycle, female leadership, self-empowerment, individual alignment, and leading a self-determined life.



High performance instead of high pressure


Most women have a misaligned imagination or idea of strength. Being in the expectations of fulfilling a performance day by day to be perfect is not strength. A sovereign and powerful woman is in alignment with her intuitive impulses. If a woman is anchored in her strength and power she organically acts from a place of flexibility in direct response to the situations need.

Stop trying to be a better man. Start being the woman you already are.

Female Time Management. Anna Nussbaumer. weiblicher Zyklus

Anna Martina Nussbaumer


Anna Martina Nussbaumer is a 33-years old female expert and wisdom keeper when it comes to femininity and empowerment of women and female leaders.

Anna was born and raised in Tirol, Austria. She studied journalism and communication science and is a certified mentor and performance-coach.

Additionally in that time, Anna´s journey in understanding the depths of femininity started. She was passionate about finding out all about the female cycle and the hormone system which guides a woman through her life. Not only did she research over years in books, journals, workshops, training, and studies. Anna began to work with her own body too and together with other women and gained a lot of knowledge and expertise over the past ten years. Her work was born out of her deep desire to understand and empower herself as a woman and pass it on to other women.

Her tools are as versatile as her knowledge and experience. Her offerings include business leadership training, individual coaching, mentoring, fempower workshops, year-programs, and unique desert trips for women.




Empowerment of women and

female leaders

The mission from Anna Nussbaumer is, to passionately guide and empower women and female leaders. Most importantly, she wants to make women feel comfortable in who they truly are and becoming more authentic every day.




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